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  • fragDNA
    ★ New Info on Battlefield V pre-orders has been revealed and it's much worse than expected. EA's in serious trouble this Fall 2018 ★ ★Enjoyed it? Give it a LIKE!!! Loved it? Make sure to ★SHARE★ ★Follow me on Twitter: ★ ★L...
  • fragDNA
    With COD: WWII being such a massive disappointment in the eyes of many fans, I thought it would be great to look back at the last Call of Duty game set in World War II. Could the secret to COD's success be found in here? Is the game as good as we might re...
  • fragDNA
    Hell Let Loose has just gone into Alpha so myself and Sacriel hopped on this morning for a ravenous time in the French Countryside. New gameplay and First Impressions! Leave a LIKE and a comment, check out Sac here: Join my Di...
  • fragDNA
    Preorder now on Steam and get 10% off and get bonuses: Website: Facebook: Twitter: [GAMESCOM 2018] I...
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