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  • eSports
    Watch your favourite teams in play.
    Esports is a form of multiplayer competition between professional eSports players and teams.
  • FPS
    Action through the eyes of the protagonist.
    First-person shooter is a video game genre centered around weapon-based combat.
  • Multiplayer
    Online multiplayer gaming action.
    Showcasing the latest online multiplayer gaming action uploaded by our gamers.
  • Cooperative
    Battling against intellegent AI for the win.
    Coop gamers work together as teammates, against one or more AI opponents.
  • New Games
    Get up to speed with the latest games.
    Game news and reviews from the latest games to hit your screens.
  • Beta
    The latest Beta testing news and previews.
    Previewing the latest Beta game releases available to download and play.
  • Simulations
    Simulating real world activities.
    Video games, generally designed to closely simulate real world activities.
  • MMO
    Gaming in a huge, persistent open world.
    Gaming online, typically with hundreds of gamers on the same server.
  • RTS
    It's all about control and total destruction.
    Control and secure areas of a map or enviornment to destroy your opponents' assets.
  • General
    A random collection of interesting videos.
    General gaming topics and video people found interesting and wanted to share.
  • Technology
    The latest gaming tech and hardware.
    The very latest gaming technology and the future of gaming.
  • Fun
    Funny video and general off topics
    The funny side of online gaming with your friends playing your favourite games.